unleashed beauty: fall photoshoot

I love that fall is here… well kinda (thanks weird California weather). Nonetheless, we can still enjoy and crave fall fashion..i know i am! i cant wait to pull out all my boots, tights and scarves! lets hope this heat cools down soon..

Unleashed Beauty…sneak peak!

more to come!

The cutest little thing…

I am pretty sure this is one of the cutest families on earth. It was such a joy getting to take their pictures. Not only do they have one of the most adorable, well behaved little girls, they also are a gentle and kind hearted family. You guys, I cant wait to see your baby … Continue reading

Sneak Peek: The Close Family

just a sneak peek of the Close Family. Aren’t they freaking adorable?

friendship, dirt and wood floors.

True friendship is dressing up in the same pink pajamas. True friendship is having your back rubbed when you feel sick on a boat home. True friendship is dancing to N*sync outside of chapel waiting to go inside. True friendship is staying up until one in the morning signing “down by the bay”. True friendship … Continue reading

postcards from catalina

just a preview of some fun my friend natasha and i had on catalina island! more to come :) xoxo lologill