coffee filter garland diy!

today was my sisters bridal shower at my parents house. my mom and i have been planning for a while what games we were going to play, eat and how we were going to decorate. since my mom and i both love being crafty, we decided to hand make some of the decorations. i had recently seen a garland made out of coffee filters and thought it looked sweet. since the one i saw was a little bit mor complicated, i decided to take it on and simply it. it it super easy to make and is really cute!

coffee filter diy instructions:

1. supplies: scissors, string of some sort (i used hemp string), large white and brown coffee filters

2. stack filters by opposite color..about 13-15 filters total

3. fold over the stack of filters and make a small cut in the middle to run the string through. tie a knot on the end of the string to start stacking the filters.

4. pull the string through the stack of filters

5. make sure to clump them together after pulling the 15 filters on the string

6. repeat this about 7 times so you have seven clumps of filters. crumple each clump to give it a more vintage feel. then hang it up and pat yourself on the back!

hope you enjoy this diy!

xo lauren

2 Responses to “coffee filter garland diy!”
  1. natasha says:

    lauren, you are mighty creative!

  2. thanks girl! and thanks for being such a good hand model ;)

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