sooo as a lot of you know, my dad (mike gillmore) is a wonderful portrait and wedding photographer here in southern california. naturally like any dad would do, he recruited his daughter to help work for him. thats where i come into the picture of wedding photography. i’m usually the one he “hires” to be the second photographer at the weddings he does. at first i just looked at it like easy money, to look like i knew what i was doing and snap some pictures here and there (hey i started when i was like 16!) but now that i have matured ,(yup i said it) i have actually come to really love taking pictures and capturing people on their special day. i am a sap for love myself, so it just over-joys me to see other people happy and in love themselves. anyways, this is dragging on, but….basically here are some wedding pictures i took along side my dad as the second photographer on a wonderful halloween wedding. enjoy :)

2 Responses to “m+j:married!”
  1. natasha says:

    nice job, friend! big sexy hair should pay you for that advertising!!

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