merry christmas!

well as you know, today is Jesus birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM! i have been so blessed this year and i owe it all to my God above. I had a wonderful time with my boyfriends family and mine. we laughed, hugged, ate some dang good food and just had a plain ol good time. … Continue reading

sisterly love <3

soooo i got the chance to photograph one of my best friends and her sister today. it was so cool to see such a love between two sisters that carried over into their pictures, if you couldn’t tell. it was so fun shooting them. this being one of my first photo-shoots i think it went … Continue reading

whats up blog world

i did it, i finally made one! cheers to this and many more posts to comeĀ  ..and since every post is not the same without a picture, here ya go …something pretty.